The CERA’s story starts in 1988.

Our mission : invest with your Company in your human resources.
As a professional recruitment agency, we understand your needs and help find the right feet for your future executives.

Our aim is to commit to your organisation, be involved in your strategic development and optimize the aspirations and skills of all involved.

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CERA : a team of professionals

Since the beginning, our team intervenes in two areas of expertise :
Researchers, whose role is to identify and source candidates. This includes validating a professional carrier path and the candidate’s potential
Consultants, who are responsible for face to face client contact. We validate the research method proposed, meet the candidates for in-depth interviews and choose who goes forward to meet the client.

A personalized approach

We advice you on which methods are best applicable to your personal case and then propose a tailor-made solution using several tools :
media advertising (print, web…),
web and private data base mining,

Our values

We work within clear ethical guidelines and our team share common core values.
a guarantee applies to each recruitment mission during the candidate’s trial period,

a proposed mission statement after a feasibility study,

all discussions remain confidential.

The business portfolio

We realise missions for key company positions :

Managing directors : 13 %
Directors : 36 %
Managers : 20 %
Specialist executives and experts : 31 %