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Recrutement Cadres & Dirigeants

Who are we?

Conseils En Recrutement Associés - CERA


Our mission: Invest in our company for your Human Resources.
As a professional recruiting agency, we understand your needs and help find the right fit for your future executives.

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We work with key partners such as:


  • Turnover over 150 millions € 46% 46%
  • Turnover between 15 and 150 millions € 30% 30%
  • Turnover below 15 millions € 24% 24%

Candidates interviewed

  • Function Director 32% 32%
  • Specialist and Expert Executive 30% 30%
  • Service Manager 20% 20%
  • General Director 18% 18%

Each recruiting mission is managed as a project by our strong and competent team.

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A team of professionals

Since the beginning, our team intervenes in two areas of expertise:

  • Researchers who identify and source candidates and then validate the professional carrier path and the candidate’s potential.
  • Consultants who contact and meet clients, and then validate the proposed research plan, meet the candidates for in-depth interviews and choose which one moves forward to meet the client.

A personalized approach

We advise you on which methods are best applicable to your personal case and offer a tailor-made solution using several tools:

  • Media advertising: print, web…,
  • Web and private database mining,
  • Networking.

Our values

We work with clear ethical guidelines and our team share common core values.

  • A guarantee/warranty applies to each recruiting mission during the candidate’s trial period,
  • Conduct a feasibility study prior to any mission proposal to match your recruitment needs with the reality of the executive job market,
  • All discussions remain confidential.

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SYNTEC’s partner since 1988

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